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I'm fed up with the Tripod ads. You can use the free Kerio Firewall, which can block not only ads on the page, but also block the site from trying to set up the search bar that you see on the left side if you're using Internet Explorer. But, I've given up completely, so I've decided to move the weblog to Blogspot. There are many other sites that also offer free web hosting much better than
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While looking up information on why my computer hard freeze, I learned about bugs and the Hrair limit. Because my parents are computer programmers, I have some idea of why a computer doesn't work. I then came upon the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, which was given by Google.com as 42, which was made into a joke that if we calculate 6*9 by base 13, not by base 10, 6*9=42 not
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This is worrisome. This virus, although not designed to destroy cell phone, will spread itself by finding phone numbers inside and dialing around. postCount('lux20040615'); | postCountTB('lux20040615');
alan j. f. 2004-06-15T18:11:06-07:00 2004-06-16T01:25:06Z 2004-06-16T01:25:06Z tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3358315.post-108734910666176331 Injustices I saw today
Yesterday, while we were on a pleasant walk, a boy of age ten proceeded to show off in front of his friends/siblings by acting as if he was going to throw the ball at us with our backs toward them. All kidding and silly giggling from the kids aside, that was not nice. I do not condone that acts of that kind, whether intentional or not and would gladly have shot a water gun at him just to soak him
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I'm testing out the Link Field to see how it works. I've incorporated it into the title, but I'm wondering if it's possible . . . let me check.
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Have you ever noticed that any time you are surfing a blog, and you come up a link to a Mercury News Site, or New York Times, and you click on it only to be confronted with the registration page. Even though it's free (costing only your time, apparently), it's annoying because you have to check your email, etc. etc. bugmenot.com will give you a login name and password to access virtually any
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Seeking . . .: This thread is interesting. I never want to participate in something that can burn me, so I'll just link to it here. I'm a lurker. It's not the only post or thread to cover the topics of the gay community, but the way they discussed them, veering toward flames, and away from flames, makes me happy. I can't figure out why, but it's possible that the more people debate (and