When I consider everything that grows
Hold in perfection but a little moment
That this huge stage presenteth nought but showsWhereon the stars in secret influence comment . . .
--William Shakespeare--

Well, he has been nibbling on my neck for a while, but nobody is around. I'm sitting on my bed and he is kneeling on the floor, trying to push me down. I'm resisting. We are at the hotel room, still on the trip to Lake Tahoe.

We just kissed, but I managed to avoid having sex. With his previous "active" life and consideration of my own value, I did not want to risk destroying my potential to govern the world--what little of it, anyway.

He groaned, "But I want some."

"Me, too." He start advancing, "but, I will not."

"Do you really intend to be a virgin? Let's have sex." He took off his shirt. I looked away, the temptation . . .

To be continued.

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My Wish

The beautiful Winter in Lake Tahoe is mocking me. It reminds me constantly how much I want to be with a boy. I would like--

I touched the window faintly to feel the coldness outside. I am in the backseat of the car on the right side, my mom and dad are in the front. Dad is driving.

This boy, his head is on my laps and he is sleeping. How adorable when he sleeps! My left hand is touching his head of such soft brown hair that I wish I had it. My hair is only black, black as the hair of any undyed Chinese hair. Of course, I would prefer that his hair was dirty blond, but it's light brown, not a bad color. Maybe I should use a Highlighter on his hair to brighten it.

This guy's real but straight. He's not really with me, but I'm just imagining a scenario.

To be continued . . .

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