He, Alex, stood at the hilly precipice, looking on. I, with a remote in my hand, sat two feet below. He gazed lamely at the airplane that was flying. Shirtless, and with a shorts, he stood barefoot on a rock. I, nearby, could feel his body heat near me. While I had to keep track of flying the airplane, I glanced at his legs, only a feet away. It was lightly covered with brown hair that reflected off the sunlight.

"Watch out!" He cried. The plane nearly hit the ground, but I manage to pull it up. As soon as it was in the air again, I tried another passing glance, this time, focusing my gaze on under his shorts. I imagined that he did not have underwear on.

"No." He said. He climbed down quickly and I stood up. Presently he went behind me and put his hands over mine in an effort to control the remote. "Don't let the plane go up too much, or it'll stall."

It was hot, but still, I enjoy the body heat that he gave off. I said, "Yeah, I got it."

"You sure?" He let go of the remote, I was almost disappointed.

"Maybe not." Then he took the remote from me, and moved away to land the plane himself. What a plane fanatic, I thought. He hope to be a pilot someday.

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