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  1. Alan
  2. 171 cm.
  3. 56 kg
  4. 1984.
  5. Washington
  6. Natural born
  7. Hometown: San Leandro
  8. Brown
  9. Black
  10. Cantonese.
  11. Sex: Male
  12. glasses
  13. Blood type: ...
  14. a) Walking around in my aunt's kitchen. b) seeing my parents pre-divorce arguing through the mirror. c) sitting on my biological father's lap while watching Mickey Mouse.
  15. Degree of deafness: Clinically hearing impaired (this term, however, is Deaf-culturally insensitive. Culturally hard of hearing (went to a hearing school, grew up in an oralist environment that emphasized only speaking, no sign language). I fully acknowledge that I am "deaf."
  16. AIM: JanusRat.
  17. ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messaging
  18. English Poets: William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, William Blake.
  19. How do I communicate: I use my hearing aids, and I'm a fluent speaker.
  20. American Sign Language skill: intermediate. I learned during high school and in college.
  21. Relax my eyes.
  22. Sexual activity: Complete female virgin, but not a male virgin at all :-D
  23. Friendship: A friend is with whom you can spend hours on ends without talking.
  24. Virginity, def: Any sexual contact (bodily touch involving the genitalia) that leads to orgasm. It does not matter whether you penetrate or are penetrated. However, any discussion involving the subject of penetration may necessitate the formulation of relevant neologism. In other words, coin new words! Or splice old one, like anal-virgin, oral-virgin, etc.
  25. Loneliness: strongly isolated, nearing desperation, saved by bouts of sanity.
  26. Life: ...
  27. Love: Love is trust and compassion
  28. Conflict: I realize the necessity of conflict because of incompatible goals. But that doesn't make dealing with it easier.
  29. Favorite RPG of all time: Final Fantasy VII
  30. RPGs I've played and completed (all platforms): Betrayal in Antara, Final Fantasies VII and X, Ecoquest: The Search for Cletus, ...
  31. Fighting Games I've played and completed (all platforms): Onimusha, Devil May Cry (easy mode only), Kingdom Hearts (cross genre with RPG), Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, ...
  32. Strategic Games I've played (but not necessarily completed): The Sims, Simtower
  33. Genres I'm interested in: RPG, Fighting, Strategies, ...
  34. Paranoia: Moderately High
  35. Self-Esteem: Very Low. I need a lot of encouragement and congratulations.
  36. Environmental Issues: Pollution of Water, Ocean, Oil. Extinction of Rainforest.
  37. I sit awkwardly.
  38. I want LASIK.
  39. timeline
  40. I'm now adding anything below this at 2004-06-20.
  41. I have a laptop, which I share with my parents.
  42. I have never lived away from home longer than a week. (This will be broken in August.)
  43. I embrace everything about me, but I won't tell people.
  44. Blue Mitsubishi Galant.
  45. I love Xenosaga, FFVII, and FFX.
  46. I have an interest in three people online right now, and they know I'm deaf.
  47. I went to a Deaf LGBT meeting in San Francisco, only to be stunned that my ASL professor showed up. I hid and ran. I'm sure I wasn't seen.
  48. I'm still not ready to come out. Will I ever be?
  49. I'm still dateless.
  50. Question to the future me: Will UC Berkeley change me?
  51. I spell and write rightly.
  52. I still eat beef, in spite of the Mad Cow scare.
  53. I have a Ptooey to keep my computer working.
  54. 2009-10-12: Berkeley did not change me much, but I am very different now that before