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Destroy Hate and Evil, Let Thrive Love and Good!

A site to end all sites,
A site to end all hates,
A site to bring much love,
A site that seeks to move
Its readers from their chairs
To demonstrate they care
Of each and every one
That we may not alone . . .
--- by AJF

My poems

Before After
Sadly, I hoped you would to me reply
That this show would thy affection
And bring my feeling heartwarming high
And add more to predilection
For I know of what you are,
Seeing that most more time with whom you spend
So till your lovelessness strip me bare
And I lone for you with no time to lend
For this must be, this way of life
That I did not choose, but I must
Make the best of it, lessening the strife
But more grown and growing is my lust
For I have sworn thee gay, more perjured I
To swear against the truth, so foul a lie!
I waited there for you to me reply,
Hoping that you would show the same affection
And bring my feeling to heartwarming high
And justify my current predilection.
I understand that what I think you are
Is false; I see that most the time you spend
With girls, not boys. And now you strip me bare,
Loning for you with little time to lend.
Against my strength, my lust is all more growing
You love girls more, of this for you I hate,
Who cannot any love reciprocate.
--For to me, penises are all more crowing,--
For I have sworn you gay, more perjured I
To swear against the truth, so foul a lie!
Too much, I existed in this state
That I would without you ever toil
As what you are would augment my hate
And strengthen my heart against all roil.
But piling strength on strength, I fail
To keep my heart from soaring at your sight.
Just a glimpse of you before I bail
But you'd catch my spying eyes, despite
The fastest that my feet could run.
Your fair brown hair and tanned face
Unhappily against my will, left begun
What won't end, and may liven my disgrace.
So to this it comes, my love that's grown
By my unchosen course to what it's sown.
I have for far too long exist. This state--
Which was a joy and curse to me--belied
A hope of life sans you, for all my hate
And love of your attraction I'd espied.
Oh, know this: I with all my strength did try
To turn my heart to stone, my eyes away
From beauty yours, but to myself I lie
I knew I'd come again to you each day.
A glimpse of you, that's all I want. But now,
Four years of life have passed. What can I show,
Except disgrace at what I can't allow,
But lust that never ebb though always grow?
To this it comes, my love forever grown
By my unchosen course to what's not sown.
We must impart what knowledge that we know
Our way of life, to show the fairest show.
I am afraid this has begun the end.
Which could have been prevented by a friend.
Ah well, it is too late. Come on, let's go.
And part this fine day with the saddest show.