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How to Contact Me

 . . . You really want to contact me? Oookaaay. I have some conditions because I don't like to get spammed, or worse, hate mails. Still, they are the things to which the webmasters must subject themselves for the sake of knowing that they're being visited, and being liked. I'll give you my public email address, so I can make sure it's nothing malicious. After several emails, I will then transfer you to my semi-private email address. If you prove yourself to be worthy in my eyes, I will deem you a friend on whom I can place the greatest thing of all: trust. And friendship with me will get you another email address, which is private and may not without my permission be given to anyone else. Got it? Good.

My public email address is luminus310@hotmail.com .

Wasn't so hard. But be forewarned, I receive many junk mails at that email address. It's not 200 spams a day, but it's plenty for me to get pretty steamed at offers for mortgage/debt payment, porn sites, and penis/breast enlargement. So don't get mad if I haven't replied. Keep sending me emails; I might have deleted them in my rage against the world. I would really love to have a pen pal, maybe a relationship if things got off to a good start.