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Part 1 of 2: On Government's Worst Enemies
Not UFOs, nor terrorisms, but the people, non-representative factions and fear

I think that the public simply is not ready for democracy to be thrusted into their hands. Although the ideals of democracy is that the voice of the people would be enlightened and would vote for the best future in their interests, the opposite has been the case unfortunately.

We cannot accept the Jeffersonian argument any longer that all men are created equal, but we can and must accept that all men and women deserve to be treated equally, while meet each of them on his or her own special case rather than attempting to adopt a one-size-fits-all policy that will stir and provoke unrest in the populace.

We have always demonstrated the idiocy of the mass, in a mobster mentality, than the intelligence of one person as a whole. Therefore, we cannot depend on ourselves but on elected officials and their councils independent from our votes and consequently the lobbying of mischievious factions that do not represent the true voice of America, nor the best providers of a prosperous, happy future.

Because of the already liberal atmosphere that have taken hold in mainstreamed America. I believe it is time for a more liberal Left. A Left that is more Left than the current Left that dominates the likes of UC Berkeley, New York University, and other fomenting grounds for new ideas. That is the idea that new policies of the future must incorporate all the knowledge that we have gained in the past 30 years, as opposed to completely ignoring the process that the Left has made, as the Conservative Rights have done. What is proposed is the idea that we must leave the decision-making to those who have our best interests at heart. It is the relentless hope, which despite the cynicism still survive, that the people can have an enlightened leader that can continually, for his or her time in office, bring the country to a higher prosperity, renewed wealth and increased cultural, technological, and social innovations.

Sometimes the idea that we can solve problems of democracy with more democracy seems appealing. Why can we not say that if all the people voted, rather than some people, and they voted on each law that passes, then special interest cannot control the Congress? The problem is and has always been that the winner-takes-all measure does not win because the losers may have some legitimate concern over any laws that they protest. The best democracy is a republic in which compromise happens in a slow method that satisfies everyone without each of them feeling cheated.

That is not to say that getting into this democractic mess was not a good thing. We Americans are famous for the application of abstract theories that Europe could only ponder. The unfortunate difficult thing is that we may have dug ourselves a hole out of which we cannot escape. It may be slow and a quagmire to bring the system back to normal. However, on the lesson we learn, we can teach history a lesson in how not to manage a government.

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