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Let Justice be Done, Though Heaven Falls!

AtPlay is introducing the idea that knowing the music you like can help bring light to the personality, belief and attitude of who you are.

While I generally agree with what the article seeks to portray, in order to make the post more interesting and less drier than simply the display of a link and entertaining the fact that I am interested in it, I will play the Devil's advocate (capitalization intended).

One must recognize that (1) people tend to have misconception about the music they listen to and (2) people tend to gravitate based on that misconception and through the influence of music is changed by and effect changes to that type of music.

Long ago, people tell me, rap was considered good music. It now seems to have degenerated into this contorted lackadaisical shouting fits of hating women, people with alternative sexuality, Americans of African heritage, and many other minorities in general seen (by American males of European heritage as well as African heritage) fit to be debased and mistreated.

The question is not that people began to like the degrading music but that when the artists released those kinds of music, white and black trash people flocked to listen. Perhaps the music had it within itself to provide the fodder for debasing music. Or perhaps it is the English language itself that allows rap music to arise. But one cannot blame the English language, which was created by the people to serve as a form of communication.

There we come to the circular argument that amplifies each other and does nothing to help aid in understanding the question presented in the first place.

On another note, I've finished the Finals this week, I'm done! Whee. So summer officially begins for me.

I've received a book, free, The Age of Science: What Scientists Learned in the Twentieth Century for being the best freshman student in General Chemistry class. I knew that CSUH was almost too easy for me, but still, I enjoy the little gifts and rewards that life offers for being an excelling student. Maybe I shouldn't say that online . . . I don't feel comfortable. It's so weird. I feel like I could get punished for feeling gratification. I guess I'm really, really, very, very superstitious. I always see meanings in everything.

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