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"Y Tu Mamá También" (And Your Mother Too)

Today, I watched a movie about two (straight) teenage boys' crazy sexual romp, with all the sex, blowjobs and masturbation that could easily qualifies it to be a softcore porn movie. Amazon.com: DVD: Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too) - Unrated Edition (2001) is very unwatchable for me, probably because I am prudish and unused to seeing this kind of debauchery. I guess I understand why the film chose to be unrated.

The setting was set in Mexico. The story began with a very explicit sexual intercourse between Julio and his girlfriend. Julio made his girlfriend promise not to engage in any sexual activity, and yet in a sort of hypocrisy, Julio and his cousin, Tenoch already began to talk about getting other girls in the sack. Eventually, they, who are 17, meet a beautiful 28-year-old married woman, Luisa. At first, Luisa was unwilling to spend time with the boys but changed her mind upon getting a call from her druken husband telling her that he was cheating on her. This happens in the middle of the movie, which is two hours. The time made toward that middle is spent in disgusting fart jokes and swimming pool masturbation where the boys masturbating separately in Tenoch's home call out names to get each others off.

After the middle, revelations are made and tensions revealed. At first, I thought all the purpose of the movie was for gratuitous sex with a very limited plot, but the story found itself almost redeemed at the ending twenty minutes of the movie. The climax that I was mildly surprised, though not unsupportive, to see. The boys were stoned, but if you want to know more, email me. They engaged in something mild that raised issue with their sexuality and broke their friendship forever, never seeing each other again. Although they were in a liberated state of mind, the experience was not something they would forget nor cherish. And as for Luisa, her tragedy helped to bring the film to a little more enlightened though sadder value.

I wholeheartedly did not enjoy the film as a whole, but felt that the ending was absolutely endearing. So until the climax and the scene before it, where the boys and the woman were getting more drunk, I would have given the film a rating of 1.0 out of 10. If I only saw the end of the movie and/or the sex scenes were deleted or toned down or at least covered! I could have pulled the rating up to 7.5.

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