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Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Bomb attack highlights pivotal role of US in region

Perhaps because of the communication class I'm taking, I've now apparently developed a kind of arrogance too well familiar to me, that apparently I find myself knowledgeable about how conflicts should be solved.

Whether I am qualified about lecturing on the nature of conflict is something I should never consider thinkable. I am not majoring in communication studies, nor am I thinking of doing so. I am not even majoring in political science, though I am interested in politics.

Yet, I have found it amazing to discover within myself the self-confidence that any conflict between nations can be solved if people would enter an argument not with the concept of a win-lose argument, but a win-win argument or a compromise.

It does nothing to recognize that there are some people who take such immense pleasure in winning at all costs, that all is lost when trying to win. And any attempts made at compromise is often perceived as a weakness.

Even now, even as I say that I recognize my own arrogance, I still have it within me to rationalize out of this rationalization.

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