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Apocalyptic Pentagon report on global warming could spur action on Capitol Hill

While The Observer sensationalized the story with its erroneous claim that the report was "secret" and "suppressed by U.S. defense chiefs" when in fact it had already been publicly discussed, the document is worthy of even the British press' flair for melodrama. After all, intimations of fast-approaching environmental catastrophe sound a lot different coming from the Pentagon than from the Ph.D.s who have been uttering these warnings for decades.

America's new coal rush

"I certainly wasn't aware it was 62 gigawatts. That's an awful lot more coal to burn," says Dan Becker, director of global warming and energy program at the Sierra Club. "I think most Americans would be shocked that utilities are dragging the 19th century into the 21st century."

Kudos to Greenspan. He suggested raising the retirement age and limiting social security benefits to keep the incoming wave of baby boomers from breaking the bank.

1. My retirement is forty to fifty years away. So social security isn't that important to me now. While I am fine with having my tax money be used to support old Grandmas and Grandpas on drugs, to see all these entering baby boomers who never saved, who spent all their money on superficial vanity, really has me riled up.
2. I don't want my tax money to be given to the government to give to stupid people. Yes, I'm that selfish.

These views would apparently put me on the opposite ends of the spectra of the Democrats and the Republicans? So where am I? The social outcast?

I would say that I'm in the 18-24 age bracket, the minority of those who actually vote.

I think it is time for politically unpopular actions, for long-term gain. The Republicans better admit that the tax cuts is causing a massive deficit. The Democrats better admit that a nanny government needs to be stingy with its money.

I don't want to enter the workforce with a government that is unable to govern itself. But of course I will. It's only natural that that happens.

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