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Charles Lewis: Who Mugged Howard Dean in Iowa?

Charles Lewis: Who Mugged Howard Dean in Iowa?:

"As Mark Twain once put it, 'A truth is not hard to kill and a lie told well is immortal.' In the 21st century in the United States of America, it is still astonishingly easy to assassinate a political opponent's character, with little or no accountability or basis in fact."

Politics is certainly disillusioning me. I wonder if the young Americans are getting angrier, because I am. It should be so American so simply want to bring about a force of goodness to the world, but I'm seeing otherwise because of such a difference in perception and upbringing.

I certainly can understand what losing feels like. I'm guessing it's like having your favorite sports team lose the championship. The pain is such that you get into a depressive state. Politics is all about winning and losing. Because it's like that, I'm wondering whether I should resign myself from politics, and just live life according to my beliefs.

So that would mean that I would prefer that the government keep its laws away from me, so that I can live in liberty. But governing is that ability to impose your own belief on others, so if I want to stop others from doing things that I believe is wrong, I must be the balance, I must be the opposition. I must swing because neither parties are perfect and neither parties should have complete control of the government.

It is a tiring job, tiring to cast a vote, tiring to put my voice out to say, Qui non tacet, non consentit. (Who is not silence, does not consent.) Sum in silentium altum. (I am in deep silence.)


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