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evidence of madness

email i sent to someone--edited for content blogging and taken out of context

Signs of a madman

I wanted a chance to think before I send an email back, and unfortunately my schoolwork then took me far from being able to check my emails again.

I'm going to turn 20 in May, and I'm not looking forward to it at all, because I haven't done all or most or some of the things I'm supposed to be doing before the earth finishes another orbit of the sun. *bawl*

Anyway, I really do like neon, especially for catching the eye. It's a good thing that people stare at you on the street for wearing a bright glittering and absolutely ORANGE neon shirt along with a pair of bright glittering and absolutely GREEN neon pants. But that's just my fantasy, not that I would ever do that in real life. I would once in a while wear the orange shirt I have. I'm still looking for that perfect green shirt/pants though. I'll keep you updated if I ever find one.

Yes, you are right that I'm having to wear that ridiculous neck-support pillow, but I'm trying to wean myself away from it. And no, I am not allowed to use that microphone I had at SLHS because the microphone technically belongs to SLHS. SLHS bought that microphone with its own precious money (I think, but I always thought the state gov't does that sort of thing). So I had to leave that device behind. Oh, another thing, I have another microphone from before I transferred to public school, y'know? It's the big clunky one that the teacher has to snap onto the belt and attach to the cloth rather than just wear it over the head. My mom bought it for thousands of dollars. Now, I CAN use it (emphasis added), but I don't want to because it's old, clunky, and ugly. Not only that, I look really uncool.

And now, I'm wearing pretty much a similar device, but with that fancy electromagnetic wave technology. Isn't it cool!? <==[This was sarcasm] >;-P

I can't say whether having gentlemen callers is normal at any age. What's normal anyway? Tell her she'd be a good Southern belle!

If I get a credit card, I think I'll never use it. The fear of getting "bad credit" and being prevented from making large purchases, such as a house or a car, will probably drive me to stash that card somewhere safe where I'll never find it again. We'll see. People can change very quickly, can't they?

I'm going to sleep all spring break. Either that or play video games on my Playstation 2. But I really want to go to sleep and not feel so tired in the evening. I think I can feel that eyebag (is that what you call it?) weighing abnormally heavy on my face.

I feel so old.

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