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fdisk /mbr cannot save grub

fdisk /mbr will remove grub and replace it with Windows default loader.

To get grub back, you must use "info grub" and follow the instruction on installing grub.

I won't explain how I did it, but basically what I did was Create a Grub Boot Disk (because after spending half an hour reading the manual, I decided it was the safest and easiest way). The instruction will explain how to create a grub disk. BUT you will need to be in Linux to create GRUB, using an XTerm or a terminal program of some kind.

Follow the instruction further, and there will be an explanation of how to use the GRUB Boot Disk, which will boot GRUB, and "root" "find" "setup" etc. in order to modify that master boot partition so that it will load grub.

There was also an explanation of needing stage1 and stage5 files (my memory isn't very clear on this) for making the GRUB boot disk, which can be found in /boot/grub/.

It's sometimes best to go to "info grub" than to go to google, because as they told me several times, RTFM. Read The [insert expanded expletive here] Manual.

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