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Ways I Prolong the Environment, #3

When I drive [yes, I do drive a gas-powered car, a Mitsubishi Galant 2004], I first start flogging myself in guilt. Then, I try to drive with the RPM under 2,000. Sure, I need to go higher on the freeway, but on the street, I always start from stop very slowly. There's no needs to pay attention to those 0 to 60 in 10 seconds commercials. Who really want to drive at 60 mph, and who really can have the freedom to accelerate from a stopping position?

I also try to let my car coast by keeping my feet off the gas pedal. How do I do that? When, such as on the freeway having at least a three-second distance from the other car, I see the other car press the gas pedal, or that there's a whole bunch of cars ahead of me, I coast, let my car slow down naturally by fysic's phriction. (gotta love alliteration and transposition of letters)

Of course, if it happens that the car ahead of me is going to stop, the coasting isn't practical because you must brake to avoid a bender.

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