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iceworm: class (clown) act

I just watched a performance by IceWorm, called the "Class (Clown) Act." The performance was very funny, though I wouldn't say hilarious, just very humorous. There were some elements about the differences between Deaf culture and hearing culture, but nicely, it wasn't overbearing, but fit the theme of the show very well. Although there were some things I've seen before, over and over again, I felt little need to gag.

I'm talking about how some performances can so over-emphasize the difference between Deaf and hearing worlds that I just can't stand it because they make it seem like some inexorable gap that nothing can overcome.

What about some similarities? All parents love their children (though some show it, some don't, and others are conditional). In every person is there a great desire to communicate, to talk about the day's events, to relax.

Anyway, what did suck about this performance was when Keith Wann, the CODA actor, talked to the audience, but didn't sign what he said. It seemed that the performance was geared more toward hearing people than deaf.

Other than that, the Class (Clown) Act fulfilled its theme of portraying hearing and deaf school from kindergarten to high school in a hilarious way. I could catch most of the allusions that they made. One was a spoof from "Carrie" where someone poured pig's blood on a girl, and that girl had incredible power of telekinesis, which she used to kill everybody in her path.

Overall, the IceWorm cast made me laugh so hard that I highly enjoy it and want to see it again. I missed some parts, especially the fingerspelling and some jokes that I didn't get, but most of the time I had the delicious sensation where I got the jokes before the hearing people did. I knew because I heard laughter after I already laughed. I knew it meant that the hearing people were waiting for the voice interpreter to tell the punchline.

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