"From the darkness, sleeping light." Formerly luminus dormiens. Lux pacis, light of peace.

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What are you? I am! How many meters? Five!

Shirt, volunteer, and application are made by the same sign. This is probably the best example that I can find that has less needs for facial expression than other signs like miss/disappoint. Shirt needs the letter 't' to make sense, but volunteer needs a pronoun to explain who is volunteering, or the sign for 'form' to explain anything involving applying for school, work, etc. Sure, you can mouth the English word to clarify the meaning, which I've seen some Deaf people do to avoid fingerspelling the entire word.

I think overly mouthing a word intentionally is a mistake, used only for the benefits of hearing people. I've noticed, for example, how English-speaking people use the word "right" for so many meanings: the right to live, the act of turning right, and state of being right, as well as the rite of passage and the common punning of write.

They're all different signs, and in Spanish and other languages, essentially different words! Translated differently! You can't use the sign for "right" for the different meaning of a different "right."

Now, when you attempt to sign that sentence, the pun is lost in translation. It doesn't mean that ASL doesn't have pun, it's just different. T-ah!


This is the 24th of May. The day
That I was born is coming soon, I am
Resigned, excited, troubled. Pushed to learn
That Time has little care for me. I hold
My hands, and see the wrinkles Time has made
For me, to Time's own glory. Line to line,
I write, halting and grasping, so, that each
Ending cannot pause but flow, gasping for
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