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and again

It seems that when I am near my own computer, I am of the unlucky kind. I have to reinstall Windows 98 all over again.

Brain: What did you do this time?

Me: Uh, I ran defrag, using the Autofix JS from PCPitStop.

Brain: And what happened?

Me: . . . Here I go:

I think defrag did something to 1) cause Explorer to fault, 2) be unable to start Windows (when it tries to, the computer shut down abruptly).

I could access the Command Prompt, but what can anyone do there when they can't access the CD drive?

I ran scandisk, fixed many--let me say that again--MANY directories and files (I counted 200 files and 50 directories that were damaged).

As I could not start up Windows, I used the Win98 Startup Disk, and re-installed Windows.

After re-installation, and fixing some things to access the Internet, it (the PC) continues to stay dysfunctional in the following ways:

  1. IE, as it accesses a page, starts up the download dialog box.

  2. The Windows Explorer cannot display as web page, so I can't see any information except by selecting Properties.

  3. I cannot change the icon for certain programs.

  4. I checked some of the DIR00000 and FILE0000 and saw that some were important Windows folders.

I would be miserable now, but I'm taking it in relatively good enjoyment. It's fortunate that school is finished and I don't have any work I need to do, or otherwise, I would be panicking because some vital documents are on that HDD.

Brain: Now my sweet, poor fool, have we learned a lesson from this?

Me: (nodding) I will never, from now on, try to defrag the HDD again (without any knowledable PC guru/geek nearby), 'cause I certainly am not one.

From now on, I'll just use the computer for three things: email, web surfing, and checking out the forums at G/E.

Brain: Good, you certainly say the right thing.

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