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CSS w/o image

Okay, the buttons on the left, the ones for NEWSMAP and ATOM FEED, are NOT images. They were made by XHTML and CSS code. As such, they might not be viewable by any versions of IE, Netscape before the latest. But for those with the latest versions, or with Opera and Mozilla, should be able to view them, but they may look distorted on some browsers.

Do I care? Only nominally.

I may change some buttons to CSS code, so that it won't take too long to load. Images do take longer than necessary, no matter how small.

I'm glad to have found about about this. I was wondering about the ethics of taking images from other sites without permission. After all, I didn't create the button images myself, and those buttons that are free for me are simply too big or too unsightly. Also, I didn't really want to learn how to make graphics. Now, they can be created by the text of XHTML and CSS code, something that I'm (somewhat) familiar with.

Unfortunately, I've read somewhere that changing the font size can change the way the CSS buttons look, so I'll look more into it, but for now, it simply looks good.

I found the text code at Human Experience and at W3C button without images.

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