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How Trackback Works (can't think of a good title)

How Trackback Works

This is an excellent summary for explaining how trackback works, with a longer explanation on Moveable Type. I created this because I would have liked to know that someone has referenced to a post on the Deaf Bay Area Couple being scammed.

I didn't know that I had been linked to until I checked out Larry's post.

So I got curious and decided that I would try to find out how to make a trackback, because I had never really learned.

Since I don't use Moveable Type (too complicated for my goal, which is simply to blog), I investigated Haloscan, and what I found was an article on How to Send a Ping that led to me being able to send a trackback ping to Larry's Blog.

I'll try to use this more often from now on, so I can let people know I've linked to them.

I always thought Trackback was complicated, but I think it's a little easier than I thought.

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