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an old, new beginning

I have had to re-install Windows 98, but I managed to install it freshly, meaning no previous installations to make it unclean.

Why did that happen? Not directly from my own intervention. I did not initialize my hard disk drive like last time, nor did I do anything wrong.

Frankly I'm amazed that the computer has lasted so long since the failure to restore fully the last backup. For some reason, it stopped backing up in the middle of a 39 CDs [m?]. Some kinds of sector faults.

It suddenly gave out today, when the computer simply wasn't able to access the HDD anymore.

Luckily, I had a startup disk that I could use, and using it, I managed to get to a DOS prompt, from which I proceeded to install Windows 98. First, they had to scandisk and fix multitudes of problems with Drive C, until finally, they cleaned it enough, sending all the scattered directories into DIR00000 and files into FILE0000.chk.

I made sure to remove some Windows files so that the Setup would start anew.

Naturally, there was a lot of "difficulties" because Windows 98 is really old. It was the era of IE 4.0, when Netscape was still alive, not yet acquired by AOL.

Now that I have started afresh, I see many directories that Scandisk made that, luckily, preserve many things I had before. So I gathered my Opera files, my other things, and I'll make a slow trek toward normalcy.
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