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rebecca's 20040911

A weblogger's old entry, but as you know, I enjoy linking to something from the past.

I admire essays :: 09.11.01: first thoughts not for the overall entry, but for paragraphs 6-8, which said that even if the federal government was crippled, the states by the U.S. Constitution are "endowed with power sufficient to govern" themselves until the federal government resumed operation.

Although many people do not recognize it, but each state, whether it is New Jersey, Alaska, California, Texas, or Washington, has the capability to continue functioning independently of a centralized government, but each is also prepared to support and obey that government when it is capable of maintaining stability.

It is this powerful and at times, conflictual balance between the states and the federal government that makes the United States the best republic ever conceived, and by the Founders that were open to new and radical ideas.
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