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g/e hot topic 01!!!

Seeking . . .: This thread is interesting. I never want to participate in something that can burn me, so I'll just link to it here. I'm a lurker.

It's not the only post or thread to cover the topics of the gay community, but the way they discussed them, veering toward flames, and away from flames, makes me happy. I can't figure out why, but it's possible that the more people debate (and intelligently at that), then I am just uplifted.

Another thing is in this thread, there's a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunications between these people. I'm also amused at how they just attack with a brutal post at the dignity, the self-esteem, the personality of the other person with whom they disagreee, and then in the next post, they laid out a reasoned argument that would have been better than flaming.

[Edited 20040615: The link made the post drop all the way to the bottom. Fixed]

[Edited 20040616: If you haven't read this, READ IT!!! It's an semi-intelligent debate (at least for me). There's already five pages. Since each page holds 25 posts, you are reading more than 100 posts that are discussing not about meeting gay men non-sexually, but about the very fundamental debate about the relationship between gays and straights, between being out and not being out, about stereotypes and gay pride parade that is happening in June! Go to it, and post a comment about it here! I am absolutely in full support of more openness and being free to act the way you are, but not to go overboard, meaning actually attacking straights for being straight. I myself am often inhibited, but that's my problem, and I'm not going to tell others to act the way I act.]

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