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moving to blogspot

I'm fed up with the Tripod ads. You can use the free Kerio Firewall, which can block not only ads on the page, but also block the site from trying to set up the search bar that you see on the left side if you're using Internet Explorer.

But, I've given up completely, so I've decided to move the weblog to Blogspot.

There are many other sites that also offer free web hosting much better than Tripod. Unfortunately, I'll have to figure out how to use them. Until then, to give you a better experience, please go to the blogspot.

So . . . update your bookmark.

The index to THIS page at Tripod.com may be converted to a splash page, which should automatically redirect you, but I haven't decided whether to do that because that would mean that people coming here will be abruptly taken elsewhere.

Naturally, there will be many complications due to the move. The original Lux Dormiens non-weblog contents will still be at Tripod.

Everything will still be the same, save for the fact that they will be different.

Another reason for moving is that I've already 8.11 MB of site content, and the maximum is 11 MB.

This is the last post for this site FOREVER.

I love saying that.

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