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Injustices I saw today

Yesterday, while we were on a pleasant walk, a boy of age ten proceeded to show off in front of his friends/siblings by acting as if he was going to throw the ball at us with our backs toward them. All kidding and silly giggling from the kids aside, that was not nice. I do not condone that acts of that kind, whether intentional or not and would gladly have shot a water gun at him just to soak him and his ego down.

Today, while driving, I saw at a three-way intersection. Theoretically, cars take turn at the stop sign. Theoretically, a vehicle going straight has the right of way. What I saw was that while it was a van's turn to make a left, but the other mini-SUV opposite of the van proceeded to cut the van's turn.

Two laws are in conflict. Which law takes precedence?

As it happens, the mini-SUV has already cut ahead, so this mini-incident should have no further effect on any major events of the day. Unfortunately, it has already affected me and my emotion. I feel that it was an injustice. It has probably soured the day for the van's driver who was cut off.

What's worse, inside the mini-SUV that cut off the van was a family, with a big, fat, hate-filled, A-shirt-wearing man that proceeded to tap on his own window, pointing at the van, mumbling something.
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